Emerging Prospects of Piping and Process Engineering

Piping and Process engineering is an integral part of construction projects. Increasing number of real estate and industrial construction sites has significantly increased the demand for highly skilled pipes and process engineers. Besides constructions, most demanding sectors include oil and gas, petroleum, chemical processingand manufacturing. Today, mechanical engineers working in the pipes and process departments are surrounded by lucrative opportunities and global exposure. Based on their qualifications and skills, they get absorbed by global MNCs. And there’ssteady growth and handsome salary (2lac-5lacp.a. on an average).

Piping Engineering is the best job-oriented course for mechanical engineers. It is the gateway to a rewarding career in this field. According to various researches, the demand for pipeline engineers in India has drastically increased by more than 45%, in the last few years. Global demand keeps increasing at 40% rate, every year. This clearly hints at the fruitful opportunities of a mechanical engineer in the pipes and process segments.

Pipeline Engineering Training course provides substantial information about construction design. Doing this course also enables the budding mechanical engineers to communicate with all departments and handle clients. Besides piping designs, these professionals also learn the various ways of drafting project plans, estimating costs, conducting research and developments for further improvements, and purchasing raw materials. And after completing the course, there’s lot to explore.

The following job prospects sum up the entire scope of the Piping Engineering Course:

  1. Piping Co-ordination

    Pipeline engineers are expected to review Basic Engineering Package (BEP), attend project kick-off meeting, prepare scope-of-work (SoW) in spreadsheet software, and estimate engineering man-hours. As a project coordinator, they look for missing information if any and communicate the loopholes to the client, via project departments.

  2. Plot Plan Development

    Recently, petrochemical companies are on the look for process engineers, who are excellent at planning and developing units in a petrochemical complex. The main work is to execute common plot plan development philosophies like block system, process flow, flooding, and roads and ensure proper functioning of petrochemical components.

  3. Piping Codes and Standards

    The work of all pipeline and process engineers is governed by certain International Codes and Principles. While working on any project, professionals must adhere to these pre-defined work ethics and standards. A Pipeline Engineer must possess clear ideas about these codes and laws and execute work, in accordance to such norms. Thanks to the Pipe Engineering Course, students get complete information about all the piping codes and standards that have been developed till date.

  4. Process Engineering Documents

    Any engineering project requires proper referencing and documentation of drawings. It is the work of the process engineers to amalgamate all engineering drawings from the different departments- process, instrumentation, vessels, civil, and electrical and prepare a consolidated document (in drawing) and present in before client, for further approval.

  5. Pipe Stress Analysis

    Since pipe systems work in varied temperature and pressure conditions, it brings lot of stress to the components.The job of a pipe stress analyst is to figure out the root cause of stress, conduct static or dynamic stress analysis (according to the problem), and prepare a pipe stress report. The analysts are also responsible for closely monitoring the systems suggest favourable inputs for conducting the stress analysis procedure.

  6. Process Instrumentation 

With the above emerging opportunities and job prospects, Pipeline and Process Engineering has a bright future for the mechanical and chemical engineers. Of all vocational training institutes, MIT Skills in Pune provides good quality education and concept-based learning. Its online pipe engineering course provides good support to students and helps them to find the best opportunity in the industry.