Top 5 benefits of pursuing piping design course

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There is enormous competition in the job market in the present scenario, especially for the engineers. What keeps you in high demand and stand out from the crowd are ‘extra’ skills. There are redundant of engineers who have a degree and requisite knowledge, so companies choose those individuals who possess specific skills related to the field the company deals with. Piping design course is one such course that adds to your skill level and helps you to get noticed by top companies.

What is a piping design course?

It is an add-on course that engineering graduates can pursue after completing their degree. The course provides an overview of piping fundamentals and the engineering practices that should be applied for preparation of efficient piping system drawings.

Importance of piping design course

Now, let us look into the benefits of the course in detail:

1.      It skyrockets your value and improves your chances of getting a job

Pipes play a crucial role in the transportation of fluids and chemicals from one place to another. Almost all heavy scale industries and infrastructure development projects rely on effectively designed piping systems.

Several aspects need to be taken into consideration while designing piping systems. These include construction, operability, safety, code compliance, feasibility, maintenance space, and economy.

The Piping Design Course teaches individuals the entire fundamental related to developing an effective piping system. The course enhances the proficiency of candidates for plant projects of all sizes ranging from small-scale projects to complex installations. Thus, it is a job-oriented course that escalates your value.

2.      It is a specialization course that compliments with the Mechanical Engineering degree

The course is somewhat an extension of Mechanical Engineering course. The concepts dealt with and the entire course material is similar to the course material of Mechanical Engineering course.

So, the graduates who have done mechanical engineering will find this course comfortable. It is more like a specialization course where your concepts are brushed further and piping concepts studied earlier will be illustrated properly.

3.      The course increases career opportunities for Chemical Engineering graduates

Most of the chemical industries rely on pipes. The chemical factories deal with chemicals that are fluid in nature.  These fluids are transported from one place to another using pipe.

Therefore, having a professional piping designer certificate along with Chemical Engineering degree skyrockets your value in this era of cut-throat competition.

4.      Civil Engineering graduates can gain valuable skills that make them industry-ready

Almost all Civil Engineering works are dependent on an efficient piping system. Pipes play an integral role in many civil departments including oil and gas industries, water distribution department, sewer system, drainage system or any infrastructure development project.

This course is extremely important for the Civil Engineering graduates. They gain valuable knowledge and acquire new skills that make them ready for these industries. This helps them in getting preference over others and landing a job quickly.



5.      The course open doors of opportunities in various fields

A piping design course increases your skills and makes you industry-ready. Various fields that prefer this course are:

  • Power Plants
  • Refineries
  • Energy sector
  • Chemical process
  • EPC Industry
  • Petro Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Offshore Industry
  • Merchant Navy

After gaining sufficient knowledge and experience, you can even be self-employed by working as a Consultant or teaching other students.


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